In a world full of vastly different opinions, finding credible, quality information can be a challenge. So let’s talk about some real-world facts about the power of CBD topicals.

What is a CBD topical?

CBD can be delivered in a variety of ways: you can swallow it (oral ingestion), inhale CBD smoke or vapors, and you can apply it topically – directly on your skin. Orally ingested CBD goes into the stomach where it is destroyed by stomach acids. What survives then goes through the liver “first-pass liver effect” and what little is left enters general circulation and is circulated throughout the entire body trying to find receptors. Since many of the cannabidiol receptors are located deep in the skin, this is very inefficient. By contrast, a deep penetrating topical can more efficiently impact the cannabidiol receptors deep in the skin without impacting the gastrointestinal system and the liver.

Herb Tech has created an emulsion technology that can change its orientation from oil to water. Our Phase Change Technology allows the lotion to change from oil-based to water-based, allowing the emulsion to penetrate deep into the skin. Without the ability to phase change, all other topicals will never penetrate past the dead outer layer of the skin. An effective CBD topical product is not your typical hydrating body lotion or grocery store oil.

It is important to do your research when shopping for the best CBD solution

The Power of CBD: What Can It Really Do

Soothe Achy Muscles and Joints

This is one of the most popular reasons people seek out CBD products. CBD can help relax muscles and can soothe achy muscles and joints to keep you running, jumping, swimming, and playing longer and harder.

Promote Relaxation

With all the troubling news and events that are affecting everyone in one way or the other, stress levels are at an all-time high. And in a world where mental illness continues to trend upward, managing those stress levels has never been more important. Whether the stress comes from a new remote work environment, home-based online schooling, or the fear that a global pandemic brings, it’s hard to find time to truly relax. Creating a calming environment and relieving stress are two of the biggest reasons contributing to CBD products’ popularity.

Improve Sleep Quality

Sleep quality is an often overlooked but altogether key component to good health. Along with the stress-relieving, CBD is also good for improving sleep. According to Healthline, CBD taken at least an hour before bed may improve the quality of sleep and help promote restful sleep.

Increase Energy Levels

Incorporating safe holistic solutions into your lifestyle with CBD can help you reduce and manage many of the lifestyle stressors that can drain you of energy.

Enhance Intimacy

As it reduces stress and anxiety and improves sleep patterns, CBD can help boost the body’s natural reaction to stimuli. This means that it can help improve the focus needed in the bedroom helping create the desired “mood”.

Promote Overall Health

Many science-backed studies that speak to the power of CBD as part of a healthy daily regimen, particularly topicals. Adding CBD to your daily health habits can help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

On CBD is Here for You

Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals carries a line of CBD topical lotions under the On CBD product line. We leverage research and innovation to make high quality, effective products that help you feel your best whether you’re relaxing at home, hitting the gym, or recovering from an injury. For our complete line of products, click here.