You’ve heard about CBD and are curious to learn what it is about but there are so many choices it’s hard to determine what is right for you.  The number of options for CBD has exploded over the past few years and is continuing to grow.  But not all CBD products are created the same.  The good news is that all those options mean that the right fit for your health and wellness lifestyle is out there.

Which CBD Format is right for me?

Let’s get started with the types of CBD formats typically seen in products on the market.  There are typically four main forms of CBD application: edible products, inhaled products, lotions, and oils.  Let’s explore each:

Edible products – CBD products that are consumed such as CBD gummies are compromised by stomach acids and the liver which reduce the effectiveness of the product. The digestive product’s effect on CBD also delivers imprecise dosages.

Inhaled products – CBD products that are vaped or smoked present risk to the lungs.  At present, the CDC recommends that youth and young adults should not use e-cigarette or vaping products due to these risks.

Oils – Skin is a complex barrier organ of the body comprised of many layers that oil-based compounds can’t penetrate beyond the outer layer.

Lotions – Not all lotions are created the same.  Some lotions are oil-based and face the same challenges as CBD oils.  These products do not penetrate below the outer layer of the skin.  On CBD is a lotion technology but unlike other lotions, it penetrates the skin to deliver CBD hemp past the outer layer to the epidermis with proprietary penetration science.

Is there a CBD For My Health Concern?

We find that most people who are shopping for CBD have a health concern in mind when choosing a product.  However, most of the products on the market are what we call one-size-fits-all CBD.  They contain CBD hemp blended into either a lotion, oil, or edible.  Whether you are looking to try CBD for general health benefits or for a targeted concern, that is an important factor to consider when shopping.  Our products at On CBD are actually blended with herbal extracts targeted at a particular health or lifestyle concern.  That means we combine CBD hemp with herbs and botanicals that have user experience in targeting various health concerns.

 What does the dosage information mean?

It is important to pay attention to how much CBD extract is in the products you select and how much is pure CBD.  Pricing for CBD products can be hard to decipher and understand because the dosage can vary greatly between products and brands.  Take the leading CBD gummy for example.  A bottle of these gummies retails for $54.99 for 60 gummies with 2 gummies per serving.  This product contains 10 mg of CBD hemp per dose which equates to $1.83 per dose.  Compare this to On CBD which delivers 20 mg CBD hemp per pump.  At $49.99 per On CBD bottle that means you get 20 mg of CBD hemp per dose for $1.00.  It is important to do the math.

Why should I pay attention to where the CBD is sourced from?

The USDA approves and regulates the hemp farming industry which ensures that the product is compliant and follows the standards set in place.  Look for product that indicates batch production to ensure that it is certified.

cbd certifications

Ready to shop?

We congratulate you on getting prepared to experience the health and wellness capabilities that so many have already enjoyed with CBD.   That’s the reason why we believe in Better On CBD.   We hope that you found this helpful in making your next CBD purchase.  We are here to answer any questions you may have. Happy shopping!