About Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals

Experience a synergy of science and nature designed to unlock the botanical secrets of the planet for health and healing.

Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the advancement of Hemp CBD and other botanical extracts. 

Hemp CBD oil has a reputation for amazing health and wellness capabilities and when combined with other well-known botanicals could impart additional wellness benefits.  Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals has unique capabilities to deliver these powerful herbal extracts. 

Our Mission: to combine our pharmaceutical research capability with herbal extract technology.

Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals is not just a story about CBD and Technology. It is also about other botanicals that provide a full herbal experience. Created using proprietary technology, Herbtech line of oral and topical CBD products quickly and effectively penetrate. Formulates with well known herbal extracts and high amounts of organic CBD from hemp, Herb Tech Pharma is now ready to transform your daily life.