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Libido for Her

Oral CBD Spray


1,000mg Of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Extract


Dose Controlled 20mg Of CBD Extract Per Pump


Guaranteed To Contain Between 80%-95% Pure CBD


Formulated With Proprietary Phase Change Delivery Technology

Maximize your sexual life – Reclaim your Mojo

HerbTech’s Intimacy products combine renown herbal intimacy booster extracts and high concentrations of CBD.  These well known herbal extracts combined with CBD can be just the thing to put that extra WOW in your day.

The three Intimacy products in this bundle are designed to be use separately or together.

The Libido for Her and the Virility for Him are micro mist refreshing and cleansing oral sprays, that are infused with powerful herbal extracts in addition to the CBD. The hydrating body lotion, Be Intimate also combines CBD with well known herbal intimacy booster extracts. PLEASE NOTE: These products are NOT lubricants and they are NOT designed to be applied to sensitive private areas,

Herbal intimacy booster extracts combined with CBD in a refreshing and cleansing micro mist oral spray can be just the thing to put that extra WOW in your day. To use pump 1 to 2 sprays under your tongue for a sweet, breath freshening taste on the front end and a slight smoky salty sensation on the back end. Only 4.35% oil and sugar free compared to other messy dropper tinctures that are 100% oil.

Horny is Healthy

  • High Amount of CBD per bottle, 840mg
  • Infused with Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Organic Maca Root Extract, Muira Puama & Catuaba Bark Extract, Tribulus Terrestis Fruit Extract, Organic Damiana Leaf Extract.
  • Formulated with PSM – Proprietary Sublingual Formulation 
  • 5.09mg CBD Hemp Extract Per Spray
  • Easy to Use- Only 1 to 2 quick tasty sprays recommend
  • 165 sprays per bottle
  • Tasty Mint & Chocolate flavor
  • Handy 30ml travel size spray bottle

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