What Does CBD Do? It Enhances Your Self-Care Routine Inside and Out.  it can be hard to squeeze self-care into your already packed schedule, you have to make the most of that “me” time. CBD—cannabidiol, regarded by many as a health care enhancement —can help boost the quality of your self-care.

First, a Little Background

Here are a few basic CBD facts, in case you’re just getting familiar with this topic:

  • CBD is different from THC, the psychotropic substance in the cannabis plant;
  • To be legally sold in the U.S., a CBD product can contain no more than 0.3% THC;
  • CBD won’t get you high;
  • CBD won’t make you fail a drug test;
  • CBD is generally considered safe, but you should still consult your health care provider if you have concerns about using it, especially if you take other medications or supplements, or have a preexisting health condition such as diabetes or pregnancy.

Topical CBD

Massage therapists often develop discomfort from overuse, especially in the shoulders, back and hands, and you may already use massage, stretching or hot/cold therapy. What does topical CBD do for a massage therapist’s self-care routine? Adding topical CBD to your routine, such as by massaging your tired hands or sore shoulders with a CBD-infused lotion can amplify the results of your efforts.

Many topical CBD products are currently on the market, and it can be difficult to decide on a high-quality one that will do what you need it to do. You’ll find CBD in massage oils, lotions, balms, ointments and other preparations designed for topical application.

One of the first things to look at when considering a topical CBD product is the total amount of CBD in the product. Most products will have a label or accompanying literature that, among other things, explains 1) the total amount of CBD in the entire container and 2) the amount of CBD per suggested dose. For example, Herb Tech Pharma’s On CBD: Be Active body lotion contains 1,000 mg of organic industrial hemp CBD extract per container, with 20 mg dispensed per pump of lotion, and a bottle contains 50 pumps. “Dose-controlled” packaging means that each dose of the topical product will contain a consistent amount of CBD.

When you choose a CBD topical, you should also make sure the company has their products routinely tested by third-party laboratories, and makes the results of those tests easily available, such as on their website. Lab testing of each batch ensures the quality and quantity of CBD remains consistent.

High-quality CBD topicals may also explain how their products are absorbed into the skin; they may refer to this as their delivery system or absorption method, and it’s often proprietary and unique to their company. For example, Herb Tech Pharma employs “phase change technology” in which the product changes from an oil phase to a water phase after penetrating the outer layer of skin in order to help absorption.

When a high-quality topical CBD product absorbs into your skin, it can target the cannabidiol receptors in the skin and can provide many health benefits.  After a long day of giving massages to clients, a high quality topical CBD product may be just the self-care recipe you need to unwind and relax.

Oral CBD

In addition to the topical route, CBD can also be delivered via an oral route, generally in the form of capsules, like many other supplements, or gummies and other edible products. What does oral CBD do for a massage therapist’s self-care routine? When you are stressed out and tired after a busy day, taking a dose of CBD can help level out your mood and can help with your   energy level, among other benefits.

For example, Herb Tech Pharma offers a line of 30-milliliter travel-sized oral sprays called Energy, Relax, Curb Your Appetite, Muscles & Joints, Virility for Him, and Libido for Her. In addition to the CBD, each formulation contains different essential oils and botanicals that tailor it for a specific use; for example, the Energy formulation contains caffeine, ginseng, fenugreek, ginkgo biloba and maca, while Muscles & Joints features organic ginkgo biloba leaf extract, white willow bark extract, holy basil, ginger and devil’s claw extract.

Just as with topical CBD products, you should look for the total amount of CBD per container (which for these micro mist oral sprays is 840 mg) and also the amount of CBD per spray.

Another important consideration as you choose an oral CBD product is the taste. If no flavoring is added to CBD oil, the taste can be exceptionally bitter, which you may find unpleasant. A lot of oral CBD makers flavor their products so they taste minty or fruity, ideally with natural flavorings; check the label to see what to expect flavor-wise. (Herb Tech Pharma’s Curb Your Appetite micro mist spray tastes like mint and chocolate.)

Also, like topical CBD, the delivery system of oral CBD is important to understand. Typically, the mouth’s mucosal tissue prevents substances we eat from absorbing right away so they survive the trip down the esophagus to the stomach, where they are then broken down and absorbed. Many CBD oils put into the mouth will end up in the stomach, where they are largely broken down by digestive acids.

To get around this issue and help absorption, makers of high-quality CBD products formulate their oral products using some kind of delivery system; Herb Tech Pharma utilizes PSN, Penetrating Sublingual Mist, technology that allows the product to begin absorption quickly before being swallowed into the stomach.  

Dosing of CBD is different for everyone; experts recommend starting with a minimal dose, gauging the effects and then adjusting up or down as needed. Experiment with products to find the winning combination for your own self-care.

About Herb Tech Pharma

Herb Tech products are developed by Herb Tech, a pharmaceutical company that understands how to formulate with such natural extracts as CBD and how to best deliver that experience to consumers. All of Herb Tech’s products exceed the industry standards of pure CBD per bottle, are formulated with a patent-pending penetration-and-stability formulation science and are in dose-controlled packaging so you know exactly how much you are applying. Herb Tech’s products are rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality. We source our hemp from one of the oldest USDA-approved hemp growers, located in Kentucky. Our product lines are blended with herbal extracts to address specific lifestyle needs. This helps you and the consumer better understand when and why to use the products.