Does it seem like people talk about CBD as the cure-all for any and every ailment possible?  Maybe you have a friend who professes the benefits of helping get more sleep at night or a colleague who uses it to help calm and relax in the evening.  Even a search for CBD for pets turns up over 29 Google Search results.  That may have you wondering, how is CBD right for me?

While CBD is not a cure-all or disease preventative, there are certainly many ways that people are incorporating CBD to enhance their daily lives.  The data shows that CBD is a growing market with more and more people finding ways to incorporate CBD into their daily routines.  We wanted to highlight a few examples of how CBD is being used that may spark you to think about CBD usage in new ways.

Soothing Muscles and Joints

One of the most commonly cited ways that CBD is used is for soothing muscles and joints. This often comes after sports activity.  Athletes of all abilities are incorporating CBD into their post-sports recovery plans.  In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from the list of banned substances.  In fact, many other sports organizing bodies have followed suit and have approved the use of CBD including the MLB, PGA, and MLS.  Many professional athletes have publicly stated how they have incorporated CBD into their sports regimens and the benefits.  But the desire for muscle relaxation and joint relief is not unique to athletes.  Many experience this need in their daily lives and CBD products have become a part of many people’s everyday routines.

Relaxation and Calming

In our last blog post, CBD and Stressful Times, we reviewed the connection between CBD and the potential for stress reduction.  Stress causes changes to our overall wellness. Certain types of stress can have negative effects on the body over time. CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors which provides feedback to other areas of the body to help keep the body in balance.

Enrich Sleep Potential

The National Institutes for Health estimates that roughly 30 percent of the general population complains of sleep disruption.  Feeling worried or nervous can interfere with maximizing sleep.  Using CBD for enriching sleep potential is another often-cited way that people use CBD.  Using a CBD product combined with the promising effects of melatonin on sleep, like On CBD Be Sleepy, can be a powerful combination to enrich sleep.

Ask around to your friends and neighbors and you may be surprised how many people are using CBD products.  While the reasons why CBD may be right for each person may differ, there are certainly many experiences and ways that CBD has enhanced daily lives.  At On CBD, we have developed a line of penetrating topical lotions with botanicals and CBD. These products focus on potential need states like Be Active, Be Calm, and Be Sleepy.  Click here to find out more.