A few years ago, just having a product made with CBD was considered innovative. Big bottles of oils and tinctures with 50 mg of CBD per bottle were the norm. By today’s standards, these CBD products seemed primitive.

Little was known about the form of CBD inside, the amount of CBD per application, or even other information that would be considered basic consumer requirements. 

Changes in the CBD Industry

Over the last year or so, the industry has slightly evolved, with product manufacturers being more transparent and including basic consumer information on the label.

That information includes the amount and form (isolate, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum) of CBD in the bottle, the amount per application, FDA warnings regarding the treatment of disease, compliance with the Federal THC laws, and reference to validation testing and records. 

In addition to labeling enhancements, new product forms began to evolve. This included gummies, pills, vapes, and topicals in addition to the tinctures. 

Room for Improvement

Despite the evolution of label information and the form of product, basically, the products were all the same. 

All the topicals were alike. 

All the tinctures were identical except for taste. 

All the gummies were the same. 

Little thought was given to the technology needed to allow the CBD to best reach the CBD receptors in the body.  Further, companies were not incorporating other botanical extracts to create products that synergistically utilized multiple ingredients to improve the consumer’s herbal experience. 

The consumer experience was lacking.  And confusion over what form and how/when to use the different CBD products prevailed – with many consumers not receiving the promised health and wellness benefits of CBD and choosing instead to give it up. 

Innovating CBD Products

Herb Tech’s mission is to take the CBD industry to the next generation by not only using advanced penetration science to efficiently target CBD receptors but also creating proprietary herbal extract blends around the consumer’s need for a full “entourage” effect. 

We have created two specific product lines. The first uses a powerful proprietary topical penetration technology. The second product line uses advanced oral/transmucosal penetration technology. Both product lines are formulated around unique herbal extract portfolios designed to address various consumer need states. 

This allows the consumer to easily understand which product provides their desired experience.  In addition, the Herb Tech products further advance label information for the consumer allowing the consumer to understand how much CBD they are getting per application.  Finally, Herb Tech products provide one of the highest CBD concentrations in the industry. 

Herb Tech Products: The Future of CBD and Herbal Innovation

View our technology videos about our penetrating topical and oral products to see why Herb Tech products are designed to provide the consumer with the best possible CBD and botanical experience.