Master the Mental Game of Golf

Golfers are utilizing CBD more and more, whether it’s managing flexibility, stress, energy or focus, golfers are incorporating CBD into their golf regimen. Herb Tech Pharma has created easy, convenient and powerful delivery methods to utilize CBD and other well- known herbal extracts. Both our Phase Change Topicals and Penetrating Sublingual Micro Mist sprays are formulated with PROPRIETARY formulations, with high amounts of certified CBD along with many other well known herbal extracts.  Further, they are in dose controlled packaging, so you know exactly how much CBD you are using. Herb Tech Pharma understands that athletes demand performance and Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals products delivers Quality, Innovation with Performance and Value.

Get the Herb Tech Boost on your Score Card with our topical and oral CBD and Botanical Extract Products


Distracted, or feeling sluggish? Every golfer knows that groggy feeling on the first few holes that comes with early tee times and the focus fatigue on the back nine.   Our Energy Oral micro mist spray with caffeine and CBD can help jumpstart your day and increase your focus…. even on the back nine!

2. Calming and Relaxing 

We’ve all had those first-tee jitters and that performance anxiety when playing with new club members or that big client!  Whether you’re playing in a club championship or jittery about making that 14 foot put, Our Oral CBD RELAX spray can be just the thing.

3. Golfers can play more

Stay energized so you can play round after round, and help keep your performance at its best. – Now you are ready to play golf as often as you’d like.

4.  Flexibility

Sometimes it is hard to have the flexibility needed to make that jaw dropping drive off of the tee or the smooth swing needed for the perfect put….our Topical Muscle and Joint lotion with enhancing herbal extracts as well as our Muscle and Joint spray can be just the ticket.