Herb Tech Has Been Named ‘Most Advanced Topical & Oral CBD Products Brand – USA’

We are excited to announce that Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals have been granted the “Most Advanced Topical & Oral CBD Products Brand – USA” peer reviewed award from the GHP News Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020.

How Was Herb Tech Chosen?

Global Health & Pharma, a “global information-sharing platform and multi-disciplinary members community…established to enhance communication networks and collaboration across all themes and disciplines within Human, Animal, & Environmental Health,” has announced the winners for its 2020 Commercial Cannabis Awards. The GHP News Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020 “aim to reward and expose those pioneering individuals and firms who have stood in the face of adversity to create a booming industry through helping those in need.”

GHP nominates candidates themselves after their research team builds a case file using merit-oriented research in the public domain, and the accepting nominees (like Herb Tech) must then provide more information about their product, brand, and mission. To become a GHP award winner, there must be “evidence of expertise within the given field and dedication to customer service and client satisfaction, with an ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation.”

Nominated businesses and individuals were judged on various criteria like contribution to the global healthcare or pharmaceutical industries, longevity, sustained or continued growth, significant innovations, and feedback from customers like you.

Why This Matters

Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals strives to bring you the most effective CBD Topicals and Oral Mists. Our topical products are designed with proprietary Phase-Change technology to help allow the CBD to discreetly and effectively penetrate the skin. And our new line of oral mists is made using PSM (Penetrating Sublingual Mist) technology, a micro-mist comprised of penetration and adhesive components.

This award means others are noticing our commitment to excellence and providing you with products that help you achieve all your health and wellness goals. And it means Herb Tech is dedicated to creating high-quality products made from Hemp CBD and botanical extracts that will get the job done.

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