There are so many factors that contribute to feeling “in the mood.” Even in normal times because of life’s many ups and downs, it can be hard for couples to be in sync with their desire to be intimate with one another. We are not always in the mood at the same time… that is just how life is.

Now factor in the situation that COVID 19 has created where many of us find ourselves under more stress and uncertainty than ever before.  Although we may find ourselves spending more time with our partner, it is not necessarily quality time that promotes intimacy.

Sometimes we need that extra boost to help us get in sync with one another and that’s ok. Certain herbal extracts like Maca, Ginkgo, and Red Ginseng are known for aphrodisiac qualities. But have you ever considered CBD and the link to intimacy?  CBD has long been associated with the potential for stress reduction and helping to keep the body in balance. So, combining herbal extracts with known aphrodisiac qualities with CBD could just be the natural boost you and your partner need.

At On CBD, we have created our topical lotions to enhance everyday life – yes, even getting in the mood. Be Intimate is a soothing topical CBD lotion for focused intimacy. Combining herbal extracts with 1,000 mg of organic hemp CBD extract, learn more about Be Intimate and give it a try: